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Slava-class guided missile cruiser 1983

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Vikipedia.. Russian cruiser Varyag (1983)

Russian cruiser Varyag (Varangian), (ex-Chervona Ukraina), is the third ship of the Slava-class of guided missile cruisers built for the Soviet Navy now serving the Russian Navy.

Laid down in 1979 at 61 Kommunara Shipbuilding Plant (Shipyard 445) in Nikolayev as Chervona Ukraina ("Red Ukraine"), the vessel was launched in July 1983, and commissioned 16 October 1989. The warship joined the Pacific Fleet in 1990 and was listed as having only a caretaker crew up to 2002

The cruiser re-entered service with the Pacific Fleet in early 2008 after an overhaul.

In 2009 Varyag led a fleet of foreign warships participating in a parade to mark the 60th anniversary of China's Navy.

In June 2010, Varyag, under the command of Captain Eduard Moskalenko and with the Commander Northern Fleet Combined Forces Rear-Admiral Vladimir L. Kasatonov embarked, made a port call to San Francisco. The visit, the first by a Russian navy surface combatant in 147 years, featured a plaque dedication ceremony to commemorate six Russian Imperial Navy sailors who died fighting a fire in San Francisco in 1863. This visit also coincided with President Medvedev visiting Silicon Valley and he once again visited Varyag as he had in Singapore in 2009.

From 8 to 11 November 2011 Varyag, accompanied by the tanker Irkut, made a port visit to Vancouver, British Columbia, to commemorate servicemen killed in armed conflicts. Varyag was escorted into Vancouver by the Royal Canadian Navy destroyer HMCS Algonquin, and Varyag's crew engaged in friendly sports matches with their Canadian counterparts from Algonquin.

In November 2014, Varyag led a deployment of four Russian naval vessels to international waters off Australia. The deployment was believed to be linked to the 2014 G-20 Brisbane summit and growing tensions between the two nations.

In early January 2016, Varyag was reported to have entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal to be deployed off Syria′s shore replacing sister ship Moskva, in support of Russia's air operation in Syria that had begun in autumn 2015. The ship was named flagship of the Russian naval task force positioned in the eastern Mediterranean....

    Varyag (then Chervona Ukraina) c. 1990 underway en route to the Pacific Ocean from the Black SeaVaryag (then Chervona Ukraina) c. 1990 underway en route to the Pacific Ocean from the Black Sea
    Varyag in Vladivostok, 2010.Varyag in Vladivostok, 2010.
    missile cruiser Varyag entering Hong-Kong , June 2017 missile cruiser Varyag entering Hong-Kong , June 2017

The warship arrived in Manila on April 20 of 2017 for a four-day goodwill visit, along with sea tanker Pechenga, also part of Russia's Pacific Fleet. The Russian warship's visit is meant to strengthen the ties between Russia and the Philippines.
During the expedition, which began on April 1, the two ships visited Busan in South Korea, Manila in the Philippines, Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam, Sattahip in Thailand, Changi in Singapore and Tanjung Priok in Indonesia. The main objective of the mission was to underline Russia's presence and strengthen ties with countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
Russia's navy group has made a historic port call in Hong Kong, the first in decades. The Varyag guided missile cruiser was open for visitors for a day and attracted large crowds, including Chinese sailors and civilians.
Hong Kong is the final stop for the navy group before returning to Vladivostok from a two month long voyage. The vessels are due to leave port on Tuesday , June 6. The ships might visit other ports in China and Japan on their way home but the crew had not yet received any order to that effect, the captain added ...
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